What is Athlete Haven?

Mental Health & Sports Psychology is at the forefront of sports with names like Simone Bilas and Naomi Osaka coming out and sharing their experiences. But what is being done to help our young athletes? This is a huge problem in youth sports especially with the average youth sports psychology session costing anywhere from $150-$250. But why is sports psychology important? And what are the benefits of sports psychology? It can help with enhancing performance and cope with the pressures of competition.

Our goal at Athlete Haven is to provide young athletes access to holistic wellness services. We are a team of athletes helping athletes. Young athletes are focused on physically, they receive athletic strength training by going to a sports performance facility. But how come young athletes go to train, their mental and their personal well-being is not being addressed?

At Athlete Haven, we have developed a virtual program to help young athletes by addressing their holistic well-being. Athletes will have access to weekly workshops ranging from topics such as sports psychology/mental health, student-athlete development, and sports nutrition. For any athletes injured or looking to get stronger, we will refer our athletes to our sport physical therapy partner, True Sports Physical Therapy. We want to equip young athletes with the proper coping strategies and resources so that they have a much smoother transition out of their respective sports.

If you're interested in participating in our beta please contact Marcus Alston below:

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