Danielle Berman


Student-Athlete Development Associate

Danielle Berman has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their full potential. She believes that athletes should be supported as individuals with unique skills, passions and interests rather than a cog in the sports industry machine.

That's why she founded Tackle What’s Next, where she serves as CEO, to provide athletes with the structure, community and accountability they need to be successful in all aspects of life after the game. Tackle What’s Next aims to provide athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning out of sport, plus share important resources that can help. Danielle is a super connector and finds so much joy in connecting people to the contacts and resources they need to reach their goals.

Athletes also do so much great work in the community, and it inspires her to see the good that so many athletes continue to create. Danielle works to further educate athletes and nonprofits on the best ways to work together to create social impact. Rather than recreating the wheel or competing against like-minded initiatives, she encourages athletes and nonprofits to work together and bridge the gap between sports and philanthropy to create sustainable community impact.

Danielle has worked with both current and former college and pro athletes for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping every one of them achieve their goals outside of sport.